eBay E-mail Alerts Service

Want to get a jump on the other eBay buyers?  If so, check out this eBay alerts service website, Ebuyersedge.com.

You can set up very specific eBay searches and save them so that you’ll receive an e-mail whenever a matching item is listed on eBay. You’ll then have the advantage over other potential buyers, especially for good deals listed as “Buy It Now”s. Still, the service would be useful for auctions as well.

EBuyersedge will also search for, and allow you to save (and receive e-mail alerts about) misspelled listings.

When an item is listed with a relevant keyword(s) misspelled, most people who would be interested buyers will never see the item.  This gives you a highly excellent opportunity to get a good deal if you can find them. I have seen that some people claim to buy these bargains and then turn around and sell them back on eBay, with correctly spelled titles.  I don’t know about the validity, but it seems possible.  At the least, you should be able to find yourself a good deal if you keep at it and check your e-mail alerts soon after receiving them.

In addition to original term and misspelled listings, the site will also search for  “in the description, not in title” listings, and again, and allow you to save them.

I’m not sure how helpful this sort of search is, but people are unpredictable.  A seller could overlook putting primary keywords in the title of the listing, but then include them in the description.  That is what this type of search would be good for.

As mentioned above, you can make your saved searches very accurate, choose which eBay category/subcategory to search, define a minimum and maximum current price for the item, number of bids, words to exclude from resulting items, which eBay site to search (Us, Uk, etc.), and if the item is listed as a “Buy It Now”.

The site even has some popular keywords as links, so that you can click on them to see the results on eBay, and if the search looks promising, you can then just check a box next to it and add it to your Ebuyersedge account.  That makes it a little quicker and easier for you to get started.  From there, you would just look at the results sent to you in the alert e-mails, and then fine-tune your search (add some words to be excluded, etc., etc.).

The site can be very useful and valuable for purchasing agents as well as individuals.  Give it a try and let me know if it helps you to get a great deal on eBay.